• Portfolios / Cross-Cutting Strategies

    Promoting the fundamental social and economic conditions necessary for climate action change requires strategies that work effectively across sectors.

  • Portfolios / Cross-Cutting Strategies

    International agreements, and the efforts taken at multiple levels of governance to live up to them, are critical to addressing climate change.

  • Portfolios / Cross-Cutting Strategies

    Climate progress is more likely when constituencies and decision-makers are well-informed about the impacts and costs of climate change, and the solutions.

Key Data Points
197 Countries

As part of the Paris agreement, 197 countries are aiming to limit overall total global warming to less than 2°C, and possibly even keep it down to 1.5°C.

40 percent

40 percent of adults worldwide have never heard of climate change. (Yale Program on Climate Change Communication)

50 minutes

In 2016, major U.S. television networks aired a combined 50 minutes of climate coverage on their evening and Sunday news programs, which was 96 minutes less than in 2015 — a drop of about 66 percent. (Media Matters)

The Cross-Cutting Strategies Portfolio

To support the social and economic conditions necessary for climate action, ClimateWorks collaborates on multiple strategies that cut across economic and emission sectors to accelerate the global low-carbon transition.

International engagement

International agreements, and the efforts taken at multiple levels of governance to live up to them, are important features of climate action. ClimateWorks and its partners proactively encourage the adoption and implementation of ambitious climate policies at global level and in high-priority regions. We support the strategic alignment of players in the field who are motivating policymakers and the private sector to demonstrate ambition, employ innovative policy levers, and rely on sound data and analysis.

Strategic communications

Climate action is more likely to succeed when constituencies and policymakers are well-informed about both the damaging effects and costs of climate change and the possible solutions. Grantees in the Cross-Cutting Strategies portfolio are making this possible by helping shape the political and media narrative, increasing public awareness, and creating political space for ambitious new policies. The portfolio’s main priorities are to promote clear and accurate communication of climate science and to focus public attention on climate change impacts, drivers, and solutions.


Cross-Cutting Strategies Program Team

Cross-cutting strategies are coordinated through ClimateWorks by staff with expertise in public policy, sustainability, and philanthropy, and in collaboration with ClimateWorks' funding and regional partners.

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Jason Anderson

Director of International Climate Initiatives & Interim Program Director, Non-CO₂ Mitigation

Zach Warnow

Program Manager, Communications

Zach Warnow leads a communications-focused grant-making program at ClimateWorks. He has ten years of experience helping organizations tell their stories and use strategic communications to achieve their goals. Prior to joining ClimateWorks, Zach worked at Big Think Studios, a creative firm that crafted powerful advertisements for advocacy groups and helped non-profits and foundations with branding, identity, and communications strategy. He also spent five years at Resource Media, where he worked with environmental and public health groups designing and executing effective campaigns. As a program director at Resource Media, he led work advancing climate science findings in the media, managing research-driven media audits to inform communications strategy, and supporting organizations with their media campaigns. He has a B.A. in Sociology from The Colorado College.